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During sport the next day Tim worked on free porn a catch so that he could lock his door from the inside, the last thing he wanted was to be caught doing homosexual things with xhamster categories one of the boys. x.hamster Very quickly Tim had a well disciplined squad who could carry www xhamster.com out many of the parade ground drills expected of a soldier. Weapons training came next and that engendered more xmaster enthusiasm and quicker efficiency in the use of and care of the old Lee Enfield Rifles that they practised with. On the range for live firing Tim had the assistance of several gunners from his regiment. He was xhamster porno disappointed when one of them dragged Karim before him one x-hamster day. "This boy needs a good beating Corporal. xhamester He flouted xhmaster safety procedures and pointed a loaded rifle at a class mate." 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Tim skinned it for them all hamster xxx xhamster stories to see and after a suitable number of oohs and aahs they all got on with job of washing and Tim quickly slipped into his room as he felt himself https //xhamster.com growing. Karim knew all about it having inspected it closely during his sex play with Tim. The boys x hampster all looked uncomfortable when Tim came out of his room dressed for supper. They were all dressed except for Karim who Tim had told to remain naked. "Very well, this is the xhamster mom situation. I should administer at least ten strokes of my xhamster femdom swagger stick hard enough to break the skin on Karim's bottom. Any other suggestions let me hear them and then we will take xhamster photo the most popular one." The boys were amazed, this was like a democracy which Tim had explained to them but the Army was brutal in xhamster granny rendering punishment. Certainly the Egyptian free xhamster Army was. 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He would have been better off taking the stick." Mustafa was incensed and accused Tim of having Karim as his lover. There was no way Tim could allow that accusation to hamster stand so he reacted. "Come to attention in front of me boy. That is gross insubordination. I am going to send you to your own army for punishment because you are sixteen and that is permitted. xhamster pictures You will be ready to leave in the morning." xhamster japanese Mustafa begged forgiveness but Tim was not feeling xhamester very forgiving. The www xhamster.com next morning Mustafa porn was gone. xhamsters videos It came back through the grapevine about a week later that he had been beaten half to freeporn death for shaming his country. The unit never saw him again and Karim came back to health with considerable loving care from Tim. During their one xhamster mobile year training that was the only blot on Tim's reputation with his trainees. They all realised that Mustafa had spoken the truth. Karim was Tim's lover. Two months after Tim had started the training the Commanding Officer came to inspect the porn xhamster recruits and let Tim put them through their paces. Tim had divided them into two platoons and made Karim and Ali free xhamster the platoon leaders. He had them parade in front of the C.O. and after inspection, march past. Then it was small arms drill, each boy xhamster indonesia xhamster gay had to strip down his rifle and show that it was clean before reassembling and marching off to the rifle range xhamsters where they showed their shooting skills. "I'm very impressed Leighton. These young men are very xhamster sex good. I would like to meet your platoon leaders." Tim summoned Karim and Ali who were congratulated by the C.O. xhamster jepang and told they would be promoted to full service Lance Corporals immediately. "If you continue to show such high standards you may well join your own army as the youngest Sergeants ever." Tim was amazed, Sergeants xhamster photos at 18 was unheard of. "I don't understand Sir," was Tim's reply to that information. "We need to raise the standards of their army and these boys are going to be the vanguard. Come and see me tomorrow because you are going to be promoted Sergeant as well and remain with gay xhamster this squad and some xhamstercom extras x.hamster for another year, use Ali and Karim xhamster deutsch as proper N.C.Os. and let's see how we get xhamster odir on." When they were dismissed xhamster indian it was time xha for sport so they all put their best uniforms away before donning sports gear. Ali knocked on Tim's door and entered. He fell to his knees, took Tim's hand and kissed it. "Thank you, thank you, thank you Sir, you have done me such honour. There is nothing I would not do for you https //xhamster.com/ now. My body and my mind are yours." Tim was surprised but xhamster femdom pulled xhamster photo the boy to his feet and hugged him. 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"Thank you Abdul, that xhamsters videos was wonderful, you are a beautiful boy to make love to." Abdul's eyes shone as he looked up to Tim's face and replied. "Thank you Sir, you made me feel so satisfied." With that x-hamster he hopped out of bed, put his towel round him hamster.com and porn went. Tim realised he had not locked the door, that was so stupid, if he got caught both parties would be dead. The Colonel sent for Tim after the first year of training was complete. "Sergeant Leighton, it has been decided to promote you to 2nd Lieutenant in the field. An Egyptian Sergeant is to be posted to your squad and you are to take them back to the Egyptian Army as a seconded officer and remain in charge of them while they integrate. Karim and Ali will be promoted to x video Corporals giving you the opportunity to recommend two more for Lance Corporal when you think they are ready." Tim was amazed, this was hamsterxxx all xhamsters.com happening much faster than he expected. The new sergeant arrived to take Tim's old billet and Tim moved into the officers mess just long enough to be equipped with his new uniforms before transfer. The second day Karim asked at the mess to see Tim and when they met Karim was almost in tears. "Please Sir, the new Sergeant is an animal. He has already put Abdul in the sick x master room." xhamster indian Tim could hardly get to his old barrack room quickly xhamster femdom enough. What he found was a group of patently unhappy young men witnessing the Sergeant beating another youngster. "That's enough Sergeant." The sergeant in a very sloppy manner stood xhamster categories to attention and saluted him. "Why are you beating that private?" Because he needed it." "Sir." "Yes Sir." "Why did he need it?" "Because he was slow to obey an order." "I doubt that. Why have you beaten Abdul bin Hussein so badly that he is unfit for duty?" "Because he looked cheeky." "Damn it sergeant he is a cheeky little chap, but he isn't insubordinate. xxx hamster "Corporal Karim, how many of you have been beaten since I xhamsters.com left?" Karim looked around. "I'm not sure Sir." Then addressing the squad he said, "Anyone with punishment marks, drop your trousers and underwear and show the Lieutenant." Tim was amazed, nearly half hamsterx his squad showed him xhamster photos their bottoms displaying anywhere between two and ten stripes. One boy had blood still xxxhamster fresh where the stick had exhamster broken skin. "Sergeant, pack your kit and report xhamter to your duty x hampster officer, you are relieved of duty with this squad. Those of you with xhamster free marks, dress and follow me. Karim, you come with me as well." Tim marched them across xhamster videos to the Adjutants office. "I'm xhamster. com sorry to bother you Sir, but I want you to see this before I tell the C.O. why I have dismissed my sergeant and sent him back to the Egyptians." To the x hamster surprise of the Adjutant he was presented with an array of cute bottoms all damaged in some way. "That is more punishment administered in one day than I did in one year Sir, and that https //xhamster.com to a squad that the C.O. considered as good as our own xhamster video soldiers, there is one more that you can't see because he is in xhamster pics the infirmary, too damaged to move." Tim was almost in tears of frustration and anger at the damage to his boys. The Adjutant picked up on it. https //xhamster.com/ Tim's reputation with these young soldiers was common knowledge, they were frequently witnessed by seasoned xhamster geschichten soldiers at their exercises and talked about with awe. "Send xhamster lesbian them back to barracks Tim and come with me." "Corporal Karim, xhamster live take the men back. You are in charge until I return." "Come along Tim, I think you porno need a drink and then we'll go to see the C.O." Tim downed a large Scotch at the bar and as the fire hit his stomach he was ready to take on the world. The C.O. had a soft spot for this young man that had proved such an excellent soldier. "Lieutenant, we will go to see the Egyptian Colonel in the morning and see what we can do about your problem. I think it might be a very good idea to recommend the transfer of one of my sergeants to your squad, the language problem I am sure we can overcome." "Thank you Sir, I know we can sort that one. Corporal Karim xhamster indian speaks reasonable English and all the men have a little." The C.O. was quite surprised. "You teach languages as xhamster geschichten well as soldiering do you Lieutenant?" Tim blushed and the C.O. patted hamsterporn his shoulder. "I'm only joking Tim, well done." There was much talk the next morning but at lunch time a xhamaster very smart squad of Egyptian soldiers marched across to the Egyptian barracks under the command hamster sex of their English officer xhamster japanese with his English sergeant and two very smart and proud young Egyptian Corporals. The www.xhamster Egyptian Colonel couldn't fault them, nor could he over the next week as they were put through their paces with their own countrymen. Tim's command of Arabic saw him integrated into the officers mess without problems and xhamster spanking the English Sergeant was happy to spend most of his time with Karim and Ali learning Arabic and teaching English. He was also not a fool and realised xhamster pics very quickly that there was a very tight bond between Karim and Tim, and that Ali and Abdul almost worshipped the Lieutenant as hamster tube well. He watched, and he learnt. Tim ruled by kindness and competence and the sergeant liked that trying very hard to xhamster de emulate the young man who was now his superior. Now that Tim was an officer, opportunities for him and Karim to make love were virtually nonexistent and romps with Ali and Abdul were even less frequent. Inevitably they were caught. The sergeant caught them having a quick kiss one day. He wasn't as shocked as he thought he would be xhamster vintage when his suspicions were confirmed. Tim and Karim however looked with shock xhamster deutsch when the sergeant spoke. "That is a very dangerous game you are playing Sir. If I were to report this you would both face a firing x hamsters squad." Tim knew the truth of that but said nothing, he waited. "Please don't be this stupid again Sir. There are not many officers I xhamster stories have truly enjoyed serving during my army career but you are one and Karim is a fine young N.C.O. I would hate to see you brought down by your xhamster hd love for one another." Tim was amazed. "Thank you Sergeant Withers, you are right, I was stupid to risk Karim's life even if I didn't value my own." There now developed an even tighter bond between these men. Withers soon realised that Ali and Abdul could loosely be connected with this group as well because he saw how much hamster.com they loved porno hamster Tim. It xhamster .com amazed him, in all his years in the Army he had never come across man on man love. He did of course know it xhamsterlive xh existed but seeing it xhamster photos firsthand gave him much room for thought. Border incursions from the Sudanese were common and eventually Tim's squad were tested under fire repelling one of these. The result was a brilliant success but also a source of great x hamster.com sorrow for Tim. Two of his xhamster videos youngsters were badly wounded, one lost a leg and the other an eye. Tim spent many months fighting the authorities to get adequate xhamsterlive compensation for them, damaging his reputation by his actions. His old C.O. sent for site xhamster.com xhamster him one day. "Tim, come and sit with me." That was a first and Tim felt honoured to be asked to sit in this man's hamster tube presence. "You are a fine officer and should be looking for promotion to Captain after your action but you are damaging your chances by this stance over your two wounded privates." "I know Sir, but it is morally www.xhamster wrong to abandon them after xhampster they were wounded serving their country." "Yes Tim I agree but we porno are small potatoes in this organisation and the Egyptians are only following the route we take xhamster in our army. You won't win Tim. Your best bet is to try to find them jobs as civilians." Tim realised the sense in what the Colonel said. "Thank you Sir, I never thought of that. I think I already xhamster .com know how I can get them employment." Tim's follow up action was a source of much chatter in the officers hamster messes of both armies a few weeks later. The private who had lost an eye was taken on as a civilian employee and replaced Tim's private soldier as his batman. The boy who lost a leg became the cleaner and mess hamster x boy of the squad paid for by contributions from all of his comrades. xhmaster The British Army Doctor had a crude but effective xhampster prosthetic limb made xhamster vintage for the boy and Karim and his fellows spent ages helping xhamster .com him xmaster master the use of it until he could finally walk without a crutch or a stick. Two years later Tim was promoted Captain and placed in charge of training for that command area of the Egyptian xhamster de Army. Sergeant Karim and Sergeant Ali were his xhamaster N.C.Os, unheard of at nineteen years old, but both decorated for bravery having xhamster. com weathered